Inspired by Japan, this recipe contains the  SUPERNATURAL superfood MATCHA. Enjoyed in tea for centuries by Japanese monks, matcha is packed with antioxidants as well as L-Theanine – a rare amino acid that promotes a calm alertness. Add some zingy cherries and blossom honey and you’ve got yourself a deliciously calming supernatural sasquatch snack. SUPER CHILL!

Inspired by Central and South America, this recipe contains the SUPERNATURAL superfood CHIA SEEDS. ‘Chia’ means ‘strength’ in Mayan. Indigenous warriors would eat these nutrient-dense seeds to sustain their stamina, thanks to the tiny seeds’ slow releasing energy. Add some zesty orange, chewy raisins and crunchy sunflower seeds and you’ve got yourself a deliciously energising supernatural sasquatch snack. SUPER POWER!

Inspired by Peru, this recipe contains the SUPERNATURAL superfood LUCUMA Nicknamed ‘Gold of the Incas’, lucuma’s caramel taste makes it Peru’s favourite ice cream flavour and its healthy benefits include a welcome boost to the immune system. Add some rich cacao and yummy coconut and you’ve got yourself a deliciously reviving supernatural sasquatch snack. SUPER HEALING!

Inspired by Sweden, this recipe contains the SUPERNATURAL superfood BLUEBERRIES. it may be small, but the blueberry is the king of the superfood world – packed full of vitamins and antioxidants that can boost brainpower and help to prevent illness. Add some naturally sweet raspberries and sour cranberries and you’ve got yourself a deliciously fruity supernatural sasquatch snack. SUPER SMART!

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